White Jeans

                       White Jeans and How Style Them



Every girl has a cutepair of jeans inside her closet but the problem is that this jeans are so dangerous for girls with so much volume in her legs.But at the same time, white jeans are elegant, fancy and so sexy.


They are so practical to wear in the office, in a date or maybe just in the park.White jeans are the solution for your bad-outfit-day, you just need to take this advices serously.


1.Combine them with denim!

 That's probably the msot easy way to wear them, just take a denim shirt and a good pair of converse and you are ready for a typical day!


2. With heels

Make your outfit more girly and sexy. Try to combine the colour of the shirt with the heels.

3. Elevate your jeans!

Bassically this way to wear them make you look more elegant and classy, a perfect look for work.




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  1. Me encnatan los denim blancos, los puedes llevar con cualquier cosa!!
    un beso...

    Zapatos Rojos

  2. I adore high waisted jeans. The only way you can wear a cool crop top !



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